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Jan 30

50 pictures from The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

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Nov 30

New Warm Bodies trailer stills!

I lost it completely at R reading US weekly.

Warm Bodies new trailer

Nov 9


Warm Bodies Official Trailer <3

It’s like Twilight had a baby with Zombieland.  

You cannot watch this movie (or read the book it was based upon)  with a serious attitude, because this title does not take itself 100% seriously.  That’s the point.  And it’s a beautiful thing <3

This movie and book are no where NEAR the same as Twilight. Probably the only similarities at all are it’s a teenage supernatural romance and based off a book. I like Twilight, but this deserves it’s own recognition. It is absolutely amazing.

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Oct 28

oh sweet jesus ;-;

Sep 7
Yeah, Edward. You fist that ice.

Yeah, Edward. You fist that ice.

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Aug 2

Jul 10