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Dec 14

So I noticed something when I saw RotG again yesterday…



I’d seen it three times before yesterday, but only with the crappy online version, so I only just noticed this now. It may be just a theory, but it seems a pretty plausible one.

I’d been wondering why Baby Tooth would always follow Jack around and not faint or sigh like the other fairies; she actually cared about him like a friend or family member and trusted him to protect her. And I wondered why she has one pink iris like Tooth, but then a blue one. A blue one that looks like Jacks.

So as her and Jack were in the ice pit, I was doing a quick character study of her so I could draw her later, when I noticed she has these three little dots in the corner of her right eye, kind of like freckles or moles. It’s hard to see them in this picture, but you kind of can. Then Jack entered his memories and I noticed that his sister, Pippa Frost, has them too.

And then I thought… holy shit.

Baby Tooth is the reincarnated spirit of Jack’s sister! That’s why he feels so protective of her! That’s why she’s so calm around him, and why she has one blue eye and one pink eye; she’s part Tooth and part Jack.

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